Recent Changes for kornelix programs
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2017 Apr 11 - bug fixes and miscellaneous
  Galaxy2-1.3   Lbench-3.4  
2017 Apr 01  Fotoxx Release 17.04

Technical Functionality User Interface Bug Fixes Next release: planned for Oct. 2017 if there is significant new stuff.
2017 Feb 28  Fotoxx Release 17.01.2

Bug Fixes:  
2017 Jan 21  Fotoxx

The Spanish and Catalan translations were updated. No version change.
2017 Jan 12  Fotoxx Release 17.01.1
2017 Jan 08  Ukopp Release 6.2
2017 Jan 05  Fotoxx Release 17.01
The packages were rebuilt to include better diagnostic output after a crash.
The Makefile was changed. The source code was not changed.
2017 Jan 01  Fotoxx Release 17.01
2016 Nov 16  Fotoxx Release 16.11.1

2016 Nov 01  Fotoxx Release 16.11

2016 Oct 14  Fotoxx Release 16.10.3
2016 Oct 12  Fotoxx Release 16.10.2
2016 Oct 08  Fotoxx Release 16.10.1
2016 Oct 01  Fotoxx Release 16.10
2016 Sep 14  Fotoxx Release 16.09
Image Index:
 + Fotoxx startup is much faster when there are few new image files to index. 
     Huge galleries also display faster. The image index file is converted to a
     new format. The old file is kept for safety, and can be deleted later.
 + Indexing can be completely bypassed if Fotoxx is started from a file manager
     (e.g. Nautilus) to open a selected file, which displays instantly. Image edits
     work normally. Search and map functions are disabled because they require
     the image index. The index can be updated on demand or the next time
     Fotoxx starts normally. Set options using Tools > User Options.
Gallery View:
 + Galleries with images from multiple directories (from a search function,
     recent images query, timeline report, etc.) now include the lowest level
     directory name in addition to file name, photo date and thumbnail image.
User Options: view last file version only:
 + This option now affect both image file view and gallery view. If set, only the
     latest version of each image file is shown, also in gallery pages.
     Albums and results from search functions are not affected.
 + A user can optionally use the Mapbox map source by acquiring an access key.
     These are free for moderate map usage (50,000 tiles per month). See the
     User Guide for a description of the differences and how to obtain a key.
Batch Convert:
 + Inserting plugin text in the output file names was simplified. Photo dates
     (from EXIF metadata) can be inserted into the output file names.
 + The user data in /home/<user>/.fotoxx can now be located wherever wanted.
     This also enables multiple image collections, managed separately.
 + The report by location and date-group and the timeline report were made
     more elegant with non-scrolling table headers. Click on a table position
     to get a corresponding thumbnail gallery of images.
Gallery sort by photo date:
 + Multiple edit versions of the same photo had accidental order because they
     all have the same photo date. Resolved by using file mod date as tie breaker.
 + User Options: If a font was selected that had no monospace implementation,
     some report formats looked horrible. A generic monospace font is now used.
 + Gallery sort by photo date was incorrect after editing any photo dates.
     (self-corrected after displaying some other gallery and then coming back).
 + When saving a modified image as a new file or version, some obscure ITPC
     metadata was not being copied to the new file.
 + Trim/Rotate: the [+90] and [-90] buttons failed when pressed multiple times.
2016 Aug 17  Ukopp Release 6.1
  + Increase internal buffer size to handle very long file names.
  + Add xdg-utils to package dependencies.
  + Correct error in user guide.
2016 Aug 16  Ukopp Release 6.0
  + Bugfix: Reset the error status before error checking.
  + Verify the backup job after any changes are made, flag errors.
  + New feature: Show the differences between a file and any prior backup version,
      or between any two prior backup versions. Optional side-by-side compare
      (easy file chooser dialog + GUI interface for the GNU diff utility).
2016 Aug 11  Fotoxx Release 16.08.1
+ Translation updates for Portuguese and Italian.
+ Bugfix: Crash in Edit Bookmarks if list is empty and blanks are selected.
2016 Aug 01  Fotoxx Release 16.08

   + Remove multiple images by clicking thumbnails.
   + Drag thumbnails from a file manager or gallery to an album and position.
Slide Show:
   + The last image remains displayed until Escape is pressed.
   + Transition preferences: fix large dialog that can overflow a small screen.
Select Hairy:
   + Show the tones currently being selected or deselected.
   + Select and deselect thresholds were adjusted for finer selectivity.
Select Area:
   + Area edit: edge blending appearance was made smoother.
   + Area copy and paste: smoother edges via anti-aliasing.
   + Use two parallel sessions to drag and drop thumbnails across galleries.
   + Report by location, new option: sequence by date-group and location.
   + Timeline report: create a table of image counts by year and month.
       Click on a year/month to produce a corresponding thumbnail gallery.
Color Mode:
   + Sepia coloring was improved.
   + A new slider was added to adjust effect from zero to 100%.
User Options:
   + Add an option to set the gallery background color.
   + The Favorites popup menu is initialized with defaults, if empty.
   + The mouse selection circle remains visible over transparent image areas.
   + Images by date-range and location: too many images were being selected.
   + Paste Area: brightness and edge blend adjustments reset each-other.
2016 July 15  Fotoxx Release 16.07.1

OpenStreetMap terminated their free internet map service without notice. A license is now required but the libchamplain interface has no means of supplying this. The fix, for the present, is to use another map source, OSM Mapnik, which is adequate but not as nice as OpenStreetMap.
2016 July 09  Fotoxx Release 16.07
2016 July 01  Fotoxx Release 16.07
2016.06.08  Fotoxx Release 16.06.1

2016.06.01  Fotoxx Release 16.06
This release is mostly about improving the user interface, plus a few bug fixes.
2016.05.31  lbench-3.0  watsup-3.6  zfuncstest-6.4

Dependency on the package "lm-sensors" was removed for these programs.
Instead, CPU temperature is obtained from the file 
          /sys/devices/ ... temp1_input
Exact location and unit of measure vary (per usual Linux chaos) but the
revised function coretemp() in can compensate for this.
2016.05.28  zfuncstest 6.3

2016.05.28  MyStuff Release 2.9
2016.05.04  MyStuff Release 2.8

2016.04.20  Fotoxx Release 16.05.1
2016.04.20  Fotoxx Release 16.05
2016.04.19  MyStuff Release 2.7
2016.04.13  Fotoxx Release 16.04.1
2016.04.01  Fotoxx Release 16.04
2016.03.07  MyStuff Release 2.5
The icon search for new drag and drop menu additions was expanded
to include additional directories and icon file types.
2016.03.06  Fotoxx Release 16.03.1
Translation updates for Spanish, Catalan, Italian, and Portuguese.
2016.03.01  Fotoxx Release 16.03
2016.02.26  Mystuff Release 2.4.1

Links to additional windows can be created. Use forward and back links in a
circular series or construct a hierarchy of menus/windows.
2016.02.05  Fotoxx Release 16.02.1

2016.02.03   Mystuff Release 2.3

Drag and drop a file (e.g. from Desktop or Nautilus) on to the mystuff window to
create a menu entry to open the file with its default application. If the file is an
image file, the menu icon is made from the image instead of the application icon. 
2016.02.01  Fotoxx Release 16.02
2016.02.01  Mystuff Release 2.3
Drag and drop can be used to create an icon/launcher to open an application or file with
its default application. Drag to the mystuff window from the desktop, HUD, Nautilus, etc.
Fotoxx translation updated for Portuguese.
2016.01.06  Fotoxx Release 16.01.1

Bugfix: Search Images using keyword tags failed for tags with uppercase letters.
Translation updates for Spanish, Catalan, Italian.
The following programs were revised to avoid harmless error messages due to recent
GTK revisions: dkopp-6.8  findwild-2.2  galaxy2-1.1  lbench-2.8  mystuff-2.2 
picpuz-2.7  sortpuz-1.4  ukopp-5.9  watsup-3.5
2016.01.01  Fotoxx Release 16.01

2015.12.23  Fotoxx Release 15.12.1
This is a bug fix release. Some edit functions were locking up on Linux Mint 17.3.
This release makes the problem much less frequent but is not a 100% cure.
The problem seems to be in the GTK library for this particular Linux. The problem
has not been evident in Ubuntu 14.04 through 15.10. The problem can also be
eliminated by upgrading to a newer version of libgtk3.
2015.12.11  Web Site Moved

The kornelix web site has moved to
2015.12.01  Fotoxx 15.12

Watsup 3.4   2015.11.14
Watsup was previously revised to use lm-sensors to get the CPU temperature.
The time required can range from 0.001 to 0.5 seconds or more, depending on the
computer. The desktop freezes during this time, possibly causing jerky mouse
motion or other problems in the user interface. An alternative has now been
implemented: specify a file path where the CPU temperature is updated by the
kernel (this is a file mapped into main memory). Unfortunately there is no standard
and the user must find this file and enter it into the Watsup settings dialog.

Mystuff 2.1   2015.11.04
Existing desktop icons (launchers) can now be added with drag and drop.

Ukopp 5.8   2015.11.04

Fotoxx 15.11   2015.11.01

Watsup 3.3  and  Lbench 2.7   2015.10.09
Both of these programs were revised to use lm-sensors to get the CPU temperature.
This should overcome the problem that the location of this information varies from
one system to another. There is now a package dependency on lm-sensors.

Fotoxx 15.10   2015.10.07

Fotoxx 15.09