Recent Changes for kornelix programs
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2017 May 02  Fotoxx 17.04.2  bug fixes:
    +  Workaround for GTK draw event loop in Paint Image palette color selection.
    +  Retouch Combo: always update distribution graph for dialog widget changes.
2017 Apr 11 - bug fixes
     +  Thumbnail Gallery: crash if RAW file thumbnails are set to a large size
     +  Sharpen Image: error message if [apply] button and no method chosen
     +  Retouch Combo: [reset] button failed to reset the [amplify] slider
     +  Popup Menus: offset from mouse position to make menu cancel easier
  Galaxy2-1.3  - crash if star count is revised and parameters saved to a file
  Lbench-3.4  -  user interface rationalized
2017 Apr 01  Fotoxx Release 17.04
2017 Feb 28  Fotoxx Release 17.01.2  bug fixes:
  + Read TIFF file with alpha channel: alpha data was being ignored.
  + Panorama: crash if images being combined have too little overlap.
  + The Spanish and Catalan translations were updated. No version change.
2017 Jan 12  Fotoxx Release 17.01.1  bug fixes:
  + Possible crash at startup after new image files are found and indexed.
      (This is self-repairing at the next startup.)
  + Crash if the De-noise dialog is quit with the Measure Noise dialog left open.
2017 Jan 08  Ukopp Release 6.2
2017 Jan 05  Fotoxx Release 17.01
The packages were rebuilt to include better diagnostic output after a crash.
The Makefile was changed. The source code was not changed.
2017 Jan 01  Fotoxx Release 17.01