This web site offers free open source Linux programs licensed under the
   GNU General Public License, version 3.
This web site does not collect any data about you or show any advertisements.
This web site does not store any cookies or other tracking data in your computer.
The programs below follow the same privacy policy.
file backup, version retention, GUI selection, wildcards
adjust CPU clock, monitor CPU watts and temperature
fotocx photo/image editor and collection manager
fotocx sample images and technical topics
fotoxx was renamed to fotocx
dkopp copy files to DVD or BlueRay, GUI file selection, wildcards
findwild GUI file search utility using wildcards
galaxy2 stellar motion simulation program
lbench system metrics: CPU, memory, disk, OS metrics
mystuff graphic popup menu for frequently accessed files and apps
picpuz make a jigsaw puzzle from any image, solve with mouse
sortpuz classic number sort puzzle
monitor computer resource usage and top process usage
downloads source tarballs and binary packages for above programs
Linux opinion Why is desktop Linux a market failure?
publisher author contact information

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